Plant for production of 98.6% clean ethanol! By product is sloppily fodder with no cholesterol only pure protein. The plant's capacity, on a daily basis, 15T corn for 5T of ethanol and 55T sloppily fodder and the excess heat that can be heated up to 10 ha of greenhouses. The production process has no waste that pollutes the environment.
The capacity of this plant can feed 1200 head of beef cattle fattening. It should not be ignored and livestock droppings that can be used to obtain a methane gas that can be used to produce electricity and fertilizer completes the process of farming corn. We provide installation, commissioning, staff training and giving warranty for 20 years on our production reactor and we transfer producers guarantee for the other parts that are contracted (electric motors, pumps, heater, valves, displays etc ...).

Reservoirs for the finished product at the end of the process of production should be capacity of 100 t. We are giving a choice of the construction of reservoirs for raw or processed corn and packaged in bags. In addition of technologists for overseeing the production there is 3 more workers needed on the plant per shift.

Full production is ecological. The production process has no waste polluting the environment. From 3 kg of corn we get a 1 lit. 98.6% clean Ethanol and 12l sloppily fodder.

Ideal is to make Self Sustained Farm including Ethanol factory, Beef Cattle Farm, Bio-Gas Methane Digester and Corn Fields making closed circle of production!

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