Self Sustained Farms

Ideal is to make Self Sustained Farm including Ethanol Factory, Beef Cattle Farm, Bio-Gas Methane Digester and Corn Fields making closed circle of production!

Ethanol Plant is using Corn and Water to give Ethanol to sell and Sloppily Fodder for further usage in Beef Cattle Farm. Heat made in process can be used for warming up green houses or heating for small town. Beef Cattle will give us Beef (+ milk) to sell and we are using livestock droppings to make Bio-Gas in Digester. Use it like a fuel in cars or to run own Power Plant or to sell. Fertilizer made in Digester as well is perfect for Corn Fields. Vegetable waste from corn fields is used in Digester as well together with livestock droppings. Corn is going to the Ethanol Plant! CIRCLE CLOSED!